Prabhu Selvaraj grew up watching films as a child, watched thousands of them even before his college. His love for Cinema only kept growing over the years. While he played the duties of a son of a small time grocer, husband and a father of two wonderful children, he kept his passion for films bloom and glow as bright as the sun itself. By profession, he was into software and started his career by 2001 in Mumbai. After a few years of practice in Mumbai and then in Bangalore, he moved to Germany for couple of years and then eventually to USA.

In Germany, by 2007, Prabhu decided to pursue film making full-time and make it his life's true goal. During his 9 years of stay in USA, he worked in plenty of features, music videos, shorts, and stage dramas. Having decided that films is what he would want to do rest of his life, he made it a point to become proficient in the art of story-telling.

In the height of his career, he was working with Microsoft in a senior position. For his true love and passion for Cinema, he had let go off his job in 2015 and moved to India to pursue film making full-time. After working in couple more projects in India, he ventured into his film making career.

Being an avid fan and follower of The Great Angry Poet "Bharathiyar" and his ideologies, he named his production company after him, as Angry Poet Films. Angry Poet Films is an Innovative, Passionate, Research and Process-Oriented Film Production company, specializing in production and delivery of feature films and web-series for OTT platforms.

Prabhu's true passion for story telling sets the agenda very clear for Angry Poet Films. He would want to identify himself by creating great stories to be told in both feature length films and even lengthier web-series formats.

'Red-Handed', written, directed and produced by Prabhu is his first fictional film. And having had a roller coaster of a life, Prabhu has abundant life experiences and is now living his dream as a professional film maker

2008 - Bollywood Beats

Bollywood Beats a feature film directed by Mehul Shah is set on the backdrops of Dallas/Addison, TX, USA. This film explores the struggling Dancer making his mark against the wish and will of his parents. There was this crew call Ad asking for professional dancers for a film shoot. And with absolutely no knowledge on dancing, Prabhu called the given number. And he spoke with Mr. Louie Partida, the Executive Producer of the film. He told that he had no clue about dancing. And was asked why he called? He mentioned, well, he wanted to be around in the sets to be of any help, as he is interested in film making. And that striked well with Mr. Louie and that's how Prabhu got his first opportunity to be around in the sets of Bollywood Beats, kick starting his film career.

2009 - Beneath The Silence

He then associated himself with another writer-director Mr. Michaelangelo Comulada from the Dallas Fort-Worth area in many of his projects. Some of them include Grizelda, Beneath the Silence and Siempre Conmigo

2010 - Grizelda

Grizelda is a Fantasy story about struggle of the loved ones against a monster set in a historical backdrop

2011 - Siempre Conmigo

Siempre Conmigo a musical video and the moments during the premiere

2011 - Element 245 Zombie

Took great part in the making of this feature film and it was a great experience handling hundreds of them in the field.. Well most of them were zombies :)

2012 - Ulle Veliye

This time around Prabhu ventured into associating himself with the story telling on a stage for a change. It was a prolonged engagement with the Indus team. He assisted with the writing, planning and smooth execution of the play Ulle Veliye.

2014 - Bommai

Bommai is a gripping story of a father going thru an emotional turmoil witnessing an accident turning him closer towards his child

2015 - Thoonga Vizhigal

Having now moved back to India, Prabhu associated himself with few more projects to learn on the challenges of the filmmaking in India. And this is one such project and he took part in the Production, Edit sessions and other Post Production activities of the project

2016 - Saraba

Prabhu got the opportunity to observe and travel with the team during the production of this feature film. He was all around the Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad and nearby towns and villages for the shoot of this film


Having a ton of prior experience in the writing and making of films and few more years of field experience in India, Prabhu started and named his production company Angry Poet Films.


Film making is what Prabhu decided to do for the rest of his life back in 2007. Since then, he had been patiently working towards growing his skill in the field of writing, directing and producing films. With so much preparatory work gone into this, he made his debut film under Angry Poet Films playing the roles of Writer-Director-Producer. He made sure it comes out to be a top notch film. And it certainly did as he aspired. He went out and hired the Industry best cast and crew, well in over hundreds of them worked to get this project to completion. And in the production of this film, he fine-tuned the process of film making and documented them all the way